Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust

01The Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust was created as a Trust by foundation document on the 28 October, 1992, some four years before Marie-Louise died. The Trust received charitable status on the 21 November, 1996. The Trust was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status in 2011. The creation of the Trust was the vision of Marie-Louise to provide a vehicle for the preservation and promotion of her work and the charitable support of the Arts after her death. Two of the original trustees, David Scrase and Sean Rainbird are still serving as trustees.

The Charitable Objects of the Trust are defined as:

1) The advancement of education of the public in the fine arts particularly painting and sculpture by any means but primarily by:
a) arranging public exhibitions of paintings and works of art and in particular those by Marie-Louise von Motesiczky;
b) the publication of literary works about the life and works of artists including Marie-Louise von Motesiczky.

2) The relief of diseases and other medical conditions impairing vision by assisting with the payment of medical and other expenses incurred in the treatment and care of eyes, including but not limited to, the costs of patient care, support and assistance to enable sufferers to live independently.

3) The general purposes of such charitable bodies or for such other purposes as shall be exclusively charitable as the trustees may from time to time decide.

The work of the Trust  began after the death of Marie-Louise in 1996.The task of collating and indexing the archive, framing and  conserving  the paintings and publishing works   directly related to Marie-Louise von Motesiczky,  filled much of the first ten years of the Trust’s existence as a charity.

There have been several exhibitions since 2006.  More details can be found  here

The Trust’s publications concerning the life and work of Marie-Louise can be found here

In support of the Trust’s Charitable Objects, grants
are currently being made to the following projects:

Friends of Grendon Trust (CC: 1038885)
Artist in Residence at Grendon Prison 2010-14

The art residency at HMP Grendon is a four-year programme from  2010 to 2014  and  is the first of its kind in the country.

The artist-in-residence works with the men and staff in their communities within the Prison. She is a multi-media artist and this  approach allows the prisoners to explore  different art forms. The men are creating work through individual, collaborative, wing and prison-wide projects using drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and animation.

Sessions are held weekly and are open to everyone. Participants range from those who have no confidence or art skills to others who are already passionately engaged in the subject. It aims to provide access to the subject of art and offers people a chance to develop their interests with a practicing artist.

The works of art generated from this project will be exhibited both within the prison and outside, and will form a rich body of work that captures the unique effects art can have upon us all. Comments  from the men at Grendon include:

“I have been painting for many years within my sentence, it allows me to express a positive and constructive side that exists in my character..I am now at a point when I will ask for a canvas and paints funded via the trust..I have great encouragement and enjoyable debates..and with the support of the trust I hope to pay this back with my work and efforts.”

“Having the ability to discuss my pieces and influences has opened my eyes forever to what I can achieve..”

[The artist in residence] makes you work to do yourself justice, to open yourself, because she knows you’ll be happier when you’ve achieved the next level. She encourages you to challenge yourself AND enjoy it.”

In 2013 there was an unprecedented number of submissions from Grendon for the Koestler Trust’s annual scheme for art produced in prisons and a correspondingly impressive roster of awards.

Work produced during the residency is being exhibited at The Guardian and Observer, King’s Place, London N1 9GU:


20 MARCH – 18 APRIL 2014

The British Museum (an exempt charity)
International Training Programme 2011-15

The Trust supported three candidates each year from 2011-2013, increasing the number to five in each year for 2014 and 2015. The Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust Fellows so far have come from Brazil, China and Egypt in 2011, Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan in 2012 and Egypt, Palestine and Sudan in 2013.

The International Training Programme was started by the British Museum in 2006 to create, develop and enhance relationships with museum professionals in foreign institutions, providing lasting benefits to individuals and their organisations as well as leading to increased potential for future international collaborations.

Candidates from selected countries are provided with a unique opportunity to become involved in the workings of the Museum, experiencing at first hand the presentation, interpretation, conservation and management of collections, as well as associated education and outreach activities. Links with partner museums around the country also provide visiting candidates with the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of the sector in the UK.

The programme runs for six weeks each year and involves between 20-25 participants.

Click here for an account of the experience of one of the 2012 candidates on the International Training Programme.

Courtauld Institute of Art, London (an exempt charity)
Marie -Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship 2011-14

The Trust is funding a three-year award in the field of women artists. Irene Noy, the candidate selected by the Courtauld, has defined her topic as Sound Art, Gender and the West German Context. Her research examines the transformation of sound from an abstract concept into material form and how women have positioned themselves within the emerging medium of sound art. ‘Irene Noy’s initial publication of some of her work is in the first issue of the Courtauld’s new postgraduate art journal Immediations:Art That Does Not Make Noise? Mary Bauermeister’s Early Work and Exhibition with Karlheinz Stockhausen.”

Moorfields Eye Charity (CC:1140679)
Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust Nurse Counsellor 2012-15

In keeping with the second of its charitable objects, the Trust is enabling Moorfields Eye Hospital to enhance its integrated patient care through the funding of a three-year full-time position of Nurse Counsellor.
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The Funding Network (CC: 1088315)
TFN Global Project Director 2013-15

The Funding Network founded in 2002, is a forum for collaborative giving to create lasting social change. The success of this fund-raising model in the UK has prompted requests worldwide to replicate it in other countries, to which end the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust is helping to support the post of a Project Director over three years.

Help Musicians UK (the working name of the Musicians Benevolent Fund CC:22808)

Support for cellists 2014-18
Help Musicians UK has joined forces with the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust to support exceptionally talented cellists as they enter the music profession.The new four-year partnership sees the creation of major postgraduate awards to commemorate Marie-Louise’s brother Karl Motesiczky (1904-1943), a gifted amateur cellist who died in Auschwitz.

Research by Help Musicians UK has highlighted the challenges facing musicians on the cusp of the profession. Every year it supports more than 100 top young musicians with the vast costs of postgraduate training. But access to funding, advice and support in the first couple of years after conservatoire study is crucially needed to help them on the path to a sustainable professional career. With funding from the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust, Help Musicians UK will be able offer three exceptional cellists in the final year of postgraduate study a three-year package of support worth up to £9,000 each. Each Karl Motescizky scholar will identify a mentor to support them after graduation, and they will also benefit from dedicated showcase opportunities.

Grant Policy

The Trust does not respond to unsolicited grant applications and only funds projects that are run by organisations recognised as charities according to the law of England and Wales. It also provides grants towards the acquisition of Marie-Louise von Motesiczky’s works by museums, galleries and charitable foundations that meet the Trust’s requirements for public access. All inquiries about works for sale should be made to the Trust’s agent in New York, Galerie St Etienne:
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